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Many Factors Influence Caliber and Ammo Choice

April 24, 2016 Leave a comment

When the unthinkable happens and you find yourself face-to-face with someone threatening your life or the life of a loved one, there is little time for deliberation. You draw your weapon and shoot to incapacitate the attacker as quickly as possible. But what does that entail? The right answer is a lot of planning for that very moment. bullets

The most efficient way to incapacitate a threat is to sever the brain stem from the rest of the body. In theory, this can be accomplished with a single shot.

In the real world, this rarely happens. Even a trained sniper, sitting at a comfortable distance and not engaged in a life and death struggle, would be hard-pressed to make that shot.

So the next best thing is to deprive the brain of oxygen, which is the point where choice of caliber and ammunition come into play.

There are three methods by which the brain can be suffocated. The first is to pierce the heart muscle to the point where it does not have enough pressure to pump blood to the brain. The next method is caused by a depressurization of the circulatory system, which occurs when a major artery or vein is severed. The last method is to damage the lungs to the point where they cannot exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen, with the resulting brain death. Successfully using any of these methods will quickly bring an end to any confrontation.

But the debate continues as to which caliber and type of ammo is the best to achieve the desired outcome. There are many factors that affect a fired round’s probability of successfully incapacitating the target. Author George Harris discusses a few in his article “What Caliber and Ammunition Do You Recommend for Concealed Carry?” at

“The attire of your adversary will most likely affect the performance of your ammunition. If you plan to use the same caliber and ammunition year-round, gear it toward the winter where heavier clothing is worn and more penetration is needed.” (Read more at

In a perfect world, the key to successfully stopping a confrontation is to shoot the attacker multiple times in the critical torso area from the furthest point of your accuracy comfort zone.

Since this “perfect storm” scenario is unlikely to occur, you must depend on some combination of your ability, gun caliber, and ammo size. Expanding bullets increase the odds of debilitating the attacker but come with the caveat of penetration being reduced due to drag.

A semi-automatic pistol is generally preferred in a gunfight due to the increased magazine capacity and lower profile for concealed carry.  For maximum stopping power, the .45 ACP is unparalleled, but if you haven’t been trained to handle the recoil, any confrontation will probably not end well.

The minimum caliber considered acceptable for quickly incapacitating an attacker is .380 ACP or .38 Special. Recoil is manageable with these rounds and your accuracy rate as well as your survival odds will likely be much higher.

There is not one definitive answer to the caliber and ammo size question. Spend time at the range, find out what works for you, and practice, practice, practice.


Drago Gear Atlus Sling-Pack Keeps Gun Accessible

April 10, 2016 Leave a comment

The burgeoning concealed carry market has naturally resulted in an outpouring of carry-related accessories designed to generally make your daily carry experience easier, safer, or more comfortable. These products range from necessities like holsters to somewhat fanciful items like “tactical” pens.drago

Of all the products designed expressly for concealed carry, one of the most useful is the backpack along with its various mutations, most notably the sling backpack.

The new Atlus sling backpack from Drago Gear is a top-notch example of a well-designed pack that not only provides excellent weapon concealment, but has the large multi-purpose compartments necessary for a gear or everyday carry bag as well.

Obviously, the most prominent and unorthodox feature on the Atlus pack is the sling.  It is a marvel of engineering design with one shoulder strap that fits over the head instead of the customary two found on standard backpacks.

Concealed carry permit holders should take note that the Drago Gear Atlus sling pack also features a quick-release stabilizer belt that wraps around the back and will provide balance support while drawing and firing. The Atlus design also swings easily to the front, allowing quick access to the five entry points on the pack.

At 1700 cubic inches, the Atlus pack is large enough to tote a 17” laptop. It is also water bladder compatible with a hydration system that can attach to either side of the top of the pack. A Y-compression strap runs across the outside and helps keep exterior items secure. In addition to the compartments, the interior has a 4-channel elastic organizer.

Before purchasing a Drago Gear Atlus pack, there are three minor design flaws to consider. First, you should know the sling pack does not come with a generic holster for the conceal carry compartment, but the advantage is that the loop style lets you change out weapons without changing the holster.

Secondly, the Y compression strap needs to be released before accessing the concealed carry section. Since it is a quick-release buckle, this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. The third issue is one that is also easily resolved, as explained by author Scott W. Wagner in his article “Drago Gear Atlus Sling Backpack” at

“Because there are five compartments, there are also a lot of zippers. I would change the paracord color of the two concealed carry compartment zippers so that they stand out if you need them in a hurry.” (Read more at

The Drago Gear Atlus sling pack wasn’t designed as a concealed carry pack with some extra room. It was designed as a multi-purpose pack, one of which being the ability to carry a concealed firearm. As such, the Atlus is an excellent and versatile mission pack that excels in both urban and field applications such as hiking, work or travel. MSRP is about $65.

Don’t Underestimate the FN Five-SeveN Pistol

February 25, 2015 Leave a comment

One of the fundamental tenets of the concealed carry community is to expect the unexpected. To anticipate the worst case scenario and have a plan. In the event of an emergency, the one thing concealed carry holders don’t want to worry about is weapon reliability. A misfire or jam when a life is on the line is unacceptable.five seven

Enter the FNH-USA 5.7x28mm Five-seveN, an under-the-radar pistol with an impressive resume, including zero misfires, jams, or other firing malfunctions.

This is a reliable carry piece. It’s also deceptively rugged.  At first glance, the body appears to be encased in polymer, but closer inspection reveals a steel slide with a polymer protective cover.

This covering gives the Five-seveN a slick overall appearance while maintaining a combat-ready weapon.

Ballistics testing on the Five-seveN is comparable to a Winchester Ranger 9mm round. During a field test with a “Bullet Test Tube,” the Five-seveN 5.7x28mm bullet actually penetrated a half-inch deeper than the 9mm, giving the Five-seveN respectable stopping power not only at close range, but with distant targets as well.

Author Scott W. Wagner describes the distance capabilities of the Five-seveN in his article “FN’s Five-seveN Pistol: Excellence in Self-Defense” at

“What distinguishes the Five-seveN from any other sidearm is its long-range capability.       It thrives at extended ranges — 100 yards and further. Its high velocity, low recoil and excellent trigger (about 4 pounds weight or less) keep the flat shooting round right on target.” (Read more at

The design and engineering of the Five-SeveN seems to be customized to the needs of every shooter. The grip is molded for universal comfort and the push-release magazine holds an amazing 20 rounds, made possible by slim profile cartridges.

A safety on the magazine will prevent the pistol from firing when the magazine hasn’t been inserted, allowing for an easy disabling of the weapon if necessary in a close struggle. A frame accessory rail is attached to the front of the frame in the event the owner wants to attach a laser or white light and there’s a loaded chamber indicator button located on the left side of the ejection port. The rear sight on the gun is adjustable, while the front ramp-type sight sits slightly higher than average.

The Five-SeveN performed well in every category during field testing. This highly accurate weapon has the ability to make poor shooters look average and average shooters look professional. Although the MSRP for this firearm is a steep $1200, its durability, versatility, and accuracy make it a good investment in self-defense.