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Inland Manufacturing M1 1945 Carbine Packs Old-School Punch

In simple terms, it would seem that infantry combat could be divided into two main categories — long-range and short-range. Naturally, the best weapons for these scenarios would be the long-range rifle and the short-range pistol.  These beliefs were the foundation for decades of modern warfare and were basically the only options up until World War I.carbine

Since war is neither black nor white, it was soon discovered that mid-range weapons were useful for troops that weren’t necessarily engaged on the front lines. These included artillery units and certain other support personnel.

The Winchester M1 Carbine was developed to fill this void and it did so in a spectacular manner. Its combat prowess soon earned it a legendary status as possibly the best handling short rifle ever made. Even in the modern world, there is still a place for a specialized weapon like the M1 Carbine, as author Scott W. Wagner points out in his article “Inland Manufacturing M1 1945 Carbine: Handy Property Defender” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“I know it is an AR world, but there is still room for competing designs that offer some advantages over an M4 AR-15 in terms of weight and controllability. The 1945 M1 Carbine from Inland offers those advantages.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

Getting your hands on one of the original M1 Carbines will cost you a pretty penny, probably upwards of $2,000. Luckily, Inland Manufacturing Company in Dayton, Ohio is now producing excellent replicas of the historic M1; their 1945 M1 Carbine. Inland Manufacturing was a subsidiary of General Motors during the war and was actually part of the home front effort, producing the original M1’s up until 1945. The replica is modeled after the last rifles shipped overseas as the war was ending.

Inland’s version of the M1 is so realistic that the front of the barrel behind the sight is stamped with the company name to avoid confusing it with an original. It features a walnut “GI-style” stock, a high-quality Parkerized finish, and a fully adjustable rear sight that accommodates tweaks in both windage and elevation. A blued 15-round magazine is also included.

During range testing with two types of .30 caliber ammo, results were mixed. Using Hornady 110-grain FMJ ball ammo, the 1945 M1 would only allow about 10 percent of the bullets to feed. Further examination revealed that the rounds were longer than the length needed for proper feeding. However, the similar Remington FMJ ammo cycled without a hitch. Accuracy was superb with 4-inch groupings attained at 100 yards.

The Inland Manufacturing 1945 M1 Carbine is an outstanding mid-range rifle that can still compete with automatic weapons because of its weight and maneuverability. If you want to accessorize the rifle with modern conventions, Inland now markets a Scout model with a Picatinny rail for mounting scopes, lights, and other add-ons.  If you are interested in picking up a replica of a historic rifle at a price significantly lower than the original, Inland can set you up for about $1079.

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