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ATI Brings the WWII German Blitzkrieg Into Your Living Room

One of the most legendary guns of WWII was the STG-44. Manufactured as the Sturmgewehr 44, the rifle was innovative in that it allowed selective fire and is widely considered to be the first modern assault rifle and forerunner of the AK-47.  the gsg

The STG did not make it to the front until late in the war, primarily due to Nazi infighting, but immediately proved its combat worthiness on the Eastern Front against the Russians.

The STG-44 gave line soldiers increased volume of fire compared to standard issue rifles and a wider range than submachine guns. Luckily for the Allies, the STG-44 never made it to the Western Front in any significant numbers or the outcome of the war may have been quite different.

Today, even if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, the cost of an original STG-44 is prohibitive. A gun brokerage recently posted one online for sale at $6000.  Realizing that most working people don’t have an extra 6K under the mattress, American Tactical Imports (ATI) has contracted with GSG, a German company specializing in firearm replicas, to import their facsimile of the famous rifle. The replica can be yours for a tenth the cost of an original, listing at $624.95 and comes in a custom made wooden case just like the original.

The GSG replica not only looks just like the original STG-44, but feels like it. It’s so similar that GSG felt the need to add a new name, calling it the Schmeisser.  The replica functions in either automatic or semi-automatic mode. There is also a protective heat shield on the barrel to protect it during extended fire in automatic mode.

All of the controls on the STG-44 replica follow the original design. The thumb safety is on the left side, along with the charging handle, which is situated on the receiver. The magazine release button is also on the left side. Magazines are made from polymer and hold about 25 rounds.

At the range, the STG-44 replica loaded with a variety of .22LR ammo easily equaled or bettered any .22 rifle on the market. Accuracy is aided by excellent sights. The rear sight allows for windage adjustment with a small control knob on the side which is spring-loaded. The gun hit point of aim at 50 yards using the 400-yard elevation mark on the rear sight.

The STG-44 Schmeisser can be an effective home or property defense weapon, as author Scott W. Wagner points out in his article “American Tactical GSG STG-44 .22 LR Carbine” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“With the weight, it is a serious gun and not for younger or smaller shooters. If used as a home defense arm, its appearance alone is sure to deter any intruder! First bad guy thought – ‘What the heck is that?!’ Second thought—‘Run!’” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

While the caliber is a .22, keep in mind that there are 25 at your disposal, which is probably enough to stop even the most persistent intruder. Or you could make the WWll armament buff in your family really happy this Christmas when he unwraps a replicated piece of history.

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