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An Old School Favorite Makes Return

Any law enforcement officer worth their salt knows better than to go on patrol carrying nothing more than a single pistol, although it may sometimes appear that way to the casual observer.  However, cops know that keeping back-up weapons concealed gives them the element of surprise during any confrontation. wrist strap

While modern day devices such as tasers and pepper spray can be very effective in subduing an attacker, there are still a lot of police officers who cut their teeth on old-school persuasion techniques through the use of batons, nightsticks, blackjacks, and a handy little weapon called the “sap.”

The Sap was developed as a less lethal version of the popular blackjack. It’s a small club that was essentially a lead weight wrapped in leather and attached to a shaft with a spring coil.  The Sap on the other hand, has a flat profile compared to the tube-shaped blackjack and spreads the force of impact over a broader area, thereby lessening the lethal potential — especially with blows to the head.

As effective as it was, the Sap slowly disappeared from law enforcement’s approved list. Author Scott W. Wagner explains why this happened in his article “Old School Intermediate Force — Nevada Gunleather Zap” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“It’s simple: even with the flat surface of the Sap, a strike to the head could be lethal.  Fine, but a shot to the head with a three-cell aluminum flashlight or a baton can do the same.  Apparently, that scared many police administrations of the 1980’s.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

But in today’s society, where concealed carry is commonplace and “stand your ground” is a legal defense in many states, the Sap has seen a resurgence in popularity. Nevada Gunleather has taken advantage of market conditions and introduced its version of the Sap to the 21st century, calling it the “Zap.”

The Zap is crafted with stitched leather that covers a lead core in the rounded end and steel spring handle.  A leather wrist strap is attached that adds additional torque when used correctly.

The Zap and the Sap operate in a nearly identical fashion. When the wrist is snapped, the backward action stores the energy in the spring, which is then released onto the subject when struck with the Zap. Simple, yet extremely effective.

Nevada Gunleather’s Zap is an ideal secondary defense weapon. It isn’t dependent on the elements like a taser or pepper spray, requires no maintenance like a knife, and it never needs to be reloaded. The Zap is also easily carried in a pocket, purse, or vehicle. Nevada Gunleather even offers a holster for the truncheon. It is available in either Russet Brown or Black and retails at $39.95

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