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TUFF Products New Items Fill Market Void

TUFF Products is a well-known brand to the concealed carry community. The company was founded more than 10 years ago and quickly earned a reputation for their ability to rapidly produce custom-fit holsters for newly released firearms.tuff holster

Over the years, they have expanded their expertise to include items such as belts, magazine pouches, backpacks, and now cell phone cases. TUFF Products has a patent pending on the 8224 TUFF iTac Tactical AR-Phone Holster.

The iTac Phone Holster is made with ballistic nylon — the same durable material TUFF Products uses to fabricate their popular concealed carry holsters. Designed to hold an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, the case can also be used to store an extra AR-15 magazine.

PALS Webbing on the front allows for the sturdy attachment of small accessories such as a tactical light or knife. The iTac Phone Holster also features a bungee design that gives customers a customization option, as described by author Scott W. Wagner in his article “Two New Items from TUFF Products” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“A Laced Bungee system that allows the user to tailor the holster to their particular phone and protective case. Note that the TUFF iTac is not a substitute for a protective case on the phone itself. The Laced Bungee system allows you to compensate for the protective phone case that you selected.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

A heavy duty metal clip keeps the iTac holster in place and tilts it at just the right angle when driving to avoid any discomfort for the wearer. The same material used inside of TUFF Product holsters also helps keep your phone scratch free, clean, and firmly in place even when inverted. The MSRP on the iTac Phone Holster is a reasonable $25.

TUFF Products also recently updated their practical Super Tac Pocket Holster, designed to secure a small pistol carried in the pocket. The new 5079 Super Tac is similar to the Pocket Roo, but without the extra magazine pouch.

The main change on the Super Tac is the exterior material which now features TUFF Products’ Grip Laminate instead of the original pebble finish. The “laminate” is actually a series of small cuts that give a checkered appearance, but actually provide a tacky feeling surface with many extruding points that firmly hold the Super Tac in place.

As with the iTac Phone Holster, the TUFF Products’ Super Tac Pocket Holster is reasonably priced with an MSRP of $25.

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