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YetiTac Quick Claw Holster Provides Portability Options

Holsters come in all shapes and sizes and it isn’t uncommon for a gun owner to literally collect a drawer full of holsters while attempting to find the perfect match for any number of firearms. Even holsters custom designed for specific firearms are sometimes uncomfortable to wear due to chafing, heat, or shape. Those issues may become a distant memory as holsters made from Kydex are becoming more and more popular.yetitac

Kydex is a relative newcomer to holster production, but it’s taking the market by storm. The versatile material is showing up in holsters for virtually every handgun make and model.

Originally developed as a moldable substance for use in airline interiors, a host of industries in the late 60’s figured out that Kydex could be configured into any shape by applying heat.

Kydex LLC was formed in the 90’s and now manufactures the material under the Sekisui SPI brand in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

YetiTac is a custom holster maker that has embraced the Kydex phenomenon and now works exclusively in the material with the goal of providing various holster types for most handguns. One of their most recent creations is the OWB Quick Claw.

Like other Kydex holsters, the Quick Claw uses friction to keep the firearm in place and the draw is smooth, unlike leather where there may be snaps to unfasten and other hand contortions to maneuver before the gun can be safely removed.

The YetiTac is a combination of a paddle holster and belt holster. Author Scott W. Wagner explains why a paddle holster alone is no longer a viable option for a concealed carry holster in his article “YetiTac Custom Quick Claw Kydex OWB Holster” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“Current rigs offer good retention of the gun and holster as a unit, but are more difficult to remove, and sometime require undoing the pants to remove the rig.”  (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

On the YetiTac Quick Claw, two claws are attached to the back of the holster which then interlock with clips on a double-thick trouser belt. The clips firmly secure the holster, but also allow for easy release by alternately pushing and pulling the clips, instead of undoing the belt.

The only issue with the Quick Claw riding on the belt may be with larger weapons where greater care is needed to avoid printing issues. It’s also important to remember that guns are less secure in Kydex holsters and garment coverage not only hides the weapon, but is also an effective deterrent to potential gun thieves.

The YetiTac Quick Claw comes in many color and pattern choices for personal customization. In addition to that, the combination of a 90 hardness on the Rockwell R scale and the ability to flawlessly match weapon shape assures that the holstered firearms will have high abrasive resistance, resulting in negligible wear on the finish.

Pick up a personalized Kydex holster for your gun for about $60.

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