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Piexon JPX Pepper Gun Hits Attacker with Both Barrels

Pepper spray has always had the reputation of being a highly effective, easy to use, first line of defense with virtually no learning curve. Yet for many, the most important feature is the low price that allows these self-defense tools to be in just about anyone’s budget.pepper gun

So when Piexon put a $319 price tag on its JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun, several people were asking a lot of questions, mainly “What can it do that my $20 can of Chemical Mace can’t?”

Well, the answer is…plenty.

One of the most important features on the JPX is its shape. Not only does the device look like a gun, it operates in the same fashion. The double-barrel setup encases an 11-milliliter charge of a liquid containing 10 percent Oleoresin Capsicum (OC).  OC is the active ingredient in traditional pepper spray and is preferred by law enforcement because unlike tear gas, OC is generally effective against all human attackers — even those under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

On top of the handy pistol grip setup, the Piexon JPX is also pressurized to propel the OC at an astonishing velocity of 569 feet per second for distances up to 23 feet.  And unlike the common aerosol canisters which simply coat the skin, the blistering speed of the JPX actually penetrates the skin pores, allowing for a deeper and longer lasting incapacitation.

In addition to penetration of the skin, the stream causes the eyes to instantly close.  Author Scott W. Wagner describes the effect of being sprayed with OC in his article “Piexon JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun: Hi-Tech Swiss OC Defensive System” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“I’ve tested the previous Kimber version of the JPX during training in my police academy. The effect of the JPX OC is instantaneous and miserable for the recipient with no cross contamination for the user.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

Most hand-held pepper spray canisters are “one and done.” When it’s gone, it’s gone, but this isn’t true with the Piexon JPX. The unit is fully reloadable and the quick release magazine allows for a quick return to action. Another nice feature is that the double-action trigger switches automatically between each barrel while firing.  There is also a small Picatinny rail housing a laser light operated by a switch under the trigger guard.

Accuracy is also not a problem for the JPX. During testing to the maximum effective range of 20 feet, the spray covered the target silhouette. The noise and smell also replicates an actual firearm, which gives the user an added psychological advantage. The high density of the liquid means it will stay where it lands with very little cross-contamination.

The Piexon JPX is an excellent firearm alternative in areas where guns are prohibited.  It is also suitable as a first response. The cost is steep, with MSRP for the laser option being $319, but it provides a level of protection second only to a firearm. The weapon can also be reloaded many times. Accessories such as holsters and magazines are also available.

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