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Montie Gear Ultra-Light Knife: Going Beyond the Edge

When Montie Gear introduced its Ultra-Light Knife, company officials anticipated the question most knife aficionados would be asking: “Why would you buy a $400 knife?”montie gear

The Ultra-Light Knife is a top-of the line defensive weapon that doubles as an emergency tool and can be quickly and easily accessible. The fact that the Ultra-Light has a futuristic sci-fi design doesn’t hurt its appeal either.

The high-tech aluminum sheath disguises the traditional knife shape and the knife looks like it could have been on the set of Star Wars.

In his article “The Montie Gear Ultra-Light Fixed Blade Knife” at USConcealedCarry.com, author Scott W. Wagner describes how the sheath not only protects the blade, but acts as a safety as well:

“The holster features a steel thumb release lock which is actuated by a natural draw grasp. The thumb release cams a lever when pushed down, clearing the notch on the top of the blade.”  (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

Additionally, the release is designed to use the laws of physics to actually help push the knife out of the sheath, allowing for a quicker, smoother, one-handed draw even with gloves. Screwed into the sheath is a polymer BladeTech clip designed for durability and rugged activity.

It opens completely and clamps firmly to belts, backpacks, and other gear. The clip attaches in a way to keep the knife parallel to the ground and when clipped on a belt, it keeps the blade and sheath from rubbing against the leg, impeding the draw.

The Ultra-Light Knife is also pocket-friendly. The latch mechanism allows the user to deftly draw the knife while leaving the sheath securely in the pocket at the same time. Although the attaching clamp can be adjusted to various positions, the Phillips screws that fasten the plate to the sheath should be checked periodically.

Montie Gear handcrafts only a few knives at a time and the quality is obvious. The three-inch blade is fashioned from Chrome Vanadium steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 58-62. Each Tanto style point is honed to a razor sharp edge that will cut whenever and wherever you need it. And the grips for the Ultra-Light are customizable. You can choose the plain style or a paracord wrap that’s available in several colors.

The Ultra-Light definitely won’t slow you down on the trail. Its weight fully loaded with sheath and paracord wrap is only 3.7 ounces. Yet it’s rugged and durable enough to be an integral part of your personal defense plan while functioning as an emergency tool at the same time.

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