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Six Defensive Tools You Can’t Leave Home Without

The right to carry a firearm is constitutionally protected, but it should not be one that is taken lightly. A concealed carry permit gives the holder a tremendous responsibility and training programs reiterate that guns are a weapon of last resort rather than devices to be used to make threats with. A personal defense plan should allow for the use of defensive alternatives in potentially threatening situations before deadly force becomes a consideration.equipment

In his article “Six Defensive, Emergency Rescue Tools That Could Save Your Life” at USConcealedCarry.com, author Bruce N. Eimer explains the importance of having more than one option:

“Similarly, only a crazy person would use a firearm to repel a low level threat when less-than-lethal force (e.g., a verbal warning, pepper spray, a hand strike, a knee to the groin, a big stick) is all that may be necessary to take care of it.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

Although there are a host of possible tools and weapons to choose from, there are essentially six basic pieces of equipment that should be part of everyone’s home and/or personal defense plan.

One that is often underestimated is a dependable, sturdy flashlight. Criminals avoid well-lit areas, so carrying your personal lighting system makes you less vulnerable. In addition to locating and identifying any potential threats, a flashlight can also disorient an attacker and allow you to escape. In a worst case scenario, a flashlight can even be used as an impact weapon.

A second necessity is at least one backup magazine for your everyday carry piece. Magazine failures are a major cause of misfires and during an actual confrontation, it is much easier to switch out the mag than it is to take precious seconds to try and solve the problem.  As a general rule, it is always better to have more ammo than less.

Pepper spray is another weapon alternative that should be in every carry kit. Pepper spray is the first line of defense when a situation escalates beyond words. In most cases, it will temporarily disable the attacker and give you time to escape. Most importantly, it won’t kill anyone.

A knife is another defensive option that can be employed before opting for deadly force, especially in close encounters. A blade wound in most cases will not be fatal, but will certainly give cause for an attacker to hesitate, and in many cases, cause them to flee the scene completely.

Cell phones aren’t generally considered weapons, but they are an important part of any personal defense plan without a doubt. If you feel like trouble is afoot, a pre-emptive 911 call will alert authorities to your location even if you are unable to talk at the time. The boys in blue will be en route to potentially save your life, or at least arrest the bad guys.

The Ayoob D-Jammer is the sixth tool that should be in any personal defense kit.  It is a small, pencil-shaped device made of sturdy metal. Its main purpose is to remove barrel obstructions or jammed casings from a revolver. However it is also useful as a baton weapon, similar to the Kubotan or Persuader. Another advantage is that its unobtrusive appearance on your keyring may not cause any issues at airport security.

Although some of these items may seem awkward or out-of-place at first, it won’t be long before you feel naked leaving home without any of these emergency tools.

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