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When Concealed Carry Isn’t Enough: Deep Concealment Options

As more citizens obtain concealed carry permits, their power as a group entity has also burgeoned. Many states are currently in the process of relaxing firearm carry laws, thanks in part to lobbying efforts by concealed carry partisans.guns

Yet in spite of this progress, there are still many venues which view the Second Amendment from a different perspective and choose to either ban guns altogether or impose negative consequences on those who choose to exercise their constitutional rights.

These gun-free environments aren’t those mandated by law to be without weapons, but rather the job, restaurant, or family member whose obstinance forces those who carry daily into a dilemma.

People are forced to relinquish a right guaranteed by the constitution or take a chance and hope not to be discovered. Carrying a weapon in these situations won’t get you arrested, but it may get your fired, banned, or disowned.

Assuming you’re going to press forward and exercise your rights, what’s the best method for deep concealed carry? In his article “Deep Cover: Extreme Concealment When You Need It” at USConcealedCarry.com, author Rich Grassi explains why there is no one preferred deep concealed carry method:

“My usual methods of carry included ankle holsters, pocket holsters, a belly band-style holster, and shoulder holsters. I found the pocket the easiest from which to draw, followed by the belly band and the ankle holster.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

The pocket holster is the easiest to access from deep concealment. However if you are going to be seated or driving for any length of time, the ankle holster actually becomes very accessible by simply bringing the knee up. The type of weapon you choose for your deep concealment carry will naturally affect your holster options.

One traditional firearm that has been carried for decades as a deep concealment option is the five-shot snub-nosed revolver. These guns are lightweight, dependable, and powerful, but they’re a handful to shoot accurately.

The advent of the micro semi-automatic handguns gave concealed carry permit holders another alternative for deep concealment. These tiny pistols are now manufactured by virtually every firearms producer and give shooters an added advantage for deep concealment by essentially eliminating printing issues with weapons that are generally less than an inch thick.

Another method uncommonly used methods in deep concealment situations is the neck holster, designed for miniscule guns like the Kel-Tec P-32, which chambers 7 .32 ACP rounds. Basically, the neck holster is a tiny holster attached to a necklace chain that rests under your shirt and is easily accessible.

When carrying in deep concealment, it’s important to know that your gun will be reliable if you need it. Use the best ammo you can afford for these pocket rockets to avoid misfires and jams in critical situations.

Making the decision to carry or not carry in certain environments is never easy. But carrying in deep concealment mode is one way to continue to exercise your Second Amendment rights.

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