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Toters Jeans: More than Another Pair of Pants

Two things concealed carry permit holders are always looking for are comfort and support for their carry weapon of choice. Most of the time, this quest involves extensive shopping for holsters of every shape, size, and configuration, most of which eventually end up in the infamous pile of holsters.jeans

Now long-time holster and knife designer Blackie Collins has come up with an innovative alternative called Toters Jeans.

These jeans are specifically designed for concealed carry and for defense weapons including smaller items like knives and pepper spray. Both the left and right pockets are identical, lined with rugged Cordura Plus material which continues deep into the pockets, providing an extra layer to prevent items from poking or wearing through the denim.

These pockets are custom-designed to holster a firearm, as author Tim Schmidt explains in his article “Toters Jeans from Blackie Collins” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“These holster panels have an adjustable lacing system built right in that allows you to adjust the size of the opening. This opening is where you stick your gun. You adjust this opening so that your trigger guard just fits in and allows for a nice, snug fit.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

The lacing system can also be removed, allowing the Cordura-lined pockets to be used as traditional gun holsters. At first, Toters seem to be incredibly heavy and unwieldy, but after wearing them for a short time, the jeans become really comfortable while exuding an aura of ruggedness at the same time. The thick material also makes gun-printing non-existent.

The front pockets aren’t the only lined and reinforced sections of Toters’ jeans. Instead of the tiny coin or watch pocket that is standard on most jeans, Toters have a full inner compartment that can easily conceal a knife or other item. As a bonus, these pockets are reinforced with steel rivets. The back pockets of Toters are also lined with Cordura Plus.

Toters jeans cost a little more with a MSRP is about $75, but they definitely make up for it with reliability and versatility. They are 100% Made in America and most importantly, you won’t be adding more holsters to that pile in the closet.

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