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SilencerCo Making Noise in Suppressor Market

Silencers get a bad rap. They often turn up in spy or gangland movies as accessories aiding and abetting the evildoers. Unfortunately, this has led to the perception that silencers are illegal. In fact, silencers are legal, but heavily legislated and taxed; a result of the ill-conceived National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934.suppressor acquired

Hiram P. Maxim received a patent for a “Silent Firearm” in 1909 and is generally credited with the invention of the silencer, otherwise known as the suppressor.

The silencer was based on the principles of the automotive muffler and reportedly was a result of continuing complaints from neighbors regarding gunfire on his property.

Maxim’s product was hugely successful, selling for about $3. His success continued until the NFA imposed a $200 (the equivalent of $3,500 today) tax on each silencer sold. As a result, many gun owners today are unaware that owning a silencer is perfectly legal, although the process to own one is somewhat cumbersome.

SilencerCo is the go-to company for silencers in the United States. They make suppressors for a wide variety of firearms, ranging from shotguns to small handguns. In his article “SilencerCo: Because We Can” at USConcealedCarry.com, author Rick Sapp explains how the 10 to 15 percent noise reduction afforded by a suppressor can be beneficial during a home invasion:

“In a confined space such as a hallway or basement of a home or office, an unsuppressed pistol shot will be absolutely deafening and disorienting, the noise reverberating from walls and appliances and furniture.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

While suppressors generally aren’t practical concealed carry accessories due to the increase in the firearm’s weight and barrel length, they make an excellent training device for beginning or younger shooters. Muzzle blast often causes range novices to flinch. The anticipation of the recoil and noise often causes inexperienced shooters to waver before the gun is fired. SilencerCo recommends using a suppressor as a training instrument to improve two critical skills needed during an actual attack: accuracy and self-confidence.

SilencerCo makes a variety of suppressors for pistols, rifles, and shotguns.  Their best-selling Osprey line features multi-caliber suppressors that work by increasing internal volume below the bore line, which increases sound suppression at the muzzle. A cam-locking system automatically locks down the silencer to the correct setting for a particular firearm.

Check out the SilencerCo website at www.silencerco.com to see their huge selection of suppressors and accessories, but owning one does not come cheap. Most of SilencerCo’s suppressors list for about $890 and then Uncle Sam will tack on the other $200 for a total of about $1190.

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