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Taurus PT1911 .45 Provides Affordable Quality

During the past several years, the Taurus firearms brand has emerged as a manufacturer known for quality at a reasonable price. Taurus produced its first revolver in 1941 and soon grew into a global concern with international headquarters in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 1986, the subsidiary Taurus USA was formed in Miami, where 300 employees assemble most of the Taurus line sold in the states today.taurus 45

Most firearm companies’ design and engineering teams have at least one pistol that is a variant of the legendary Browning 1911, and Taurus is no exception with their PT1911 .45.

The PT1911 is an exceptional weapon at an exceptional price. In his article “The Taurus PT1911.45” at USConcealedCarry.com, author Scott W. Wagner claims the PT1911 may be one of the best 1911s at any price:

“I am quite literally blown away by the fact that the MSRP of this excellent handgun is only $684.40! I think that the price is so low that some potential purchasers might actually turn away from buying the PT1911 because they think, ‘how good could this gun be for that price?’” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

As it turns out, Taurus can keep their prices extremely competitive because they make all their products in-house with no sub-contracting for various parts and pieces. And the employees at Taurus take their work seriously; each gun’s slide is serial number-matched with the frame and barrel, then hand-tuned before it leaves the factory.

The PT1911 will arrive at your house with a subtle matte blue finish and a host of standard features that would boost the cost on a lot of guns. These include ambidextrous and extended beavertail safeties, Taurus safety locks, ventilated long trigger, flat backstrap, checkered “Double Diamond” Taurus grips, and front cocking serrations.

During range testing with elite ammo, the Taurus PT1911 provided an exemplary performance. The three-dot fixed combat sights were intuitively easy to use and accurate to the point of aim. The trigger pull was about 5 pounds. At 30 feet, the eight-round magazine emptied into a 3.5 inch grouping. With a little practice and an ammo switch, the groupings improved to 2 inches. At 100 yards, 3 of 5 rounds produced a 3.5 inch grouping in the center of a silhouette target with the other two bullets ending up off target, but this is still an impressive showing for any 1911.

Customers are unlikely to be turning down the Taurus PT1911 because the price is too low, but it will certainly turn some heads. For those seeking a little more bling with their weapons, the PT1911 is available in several models with corresponding price increases. There is a stainless steel version that retails for about $907 and a railed model that comes in various finishes with an MSRP between $834 and $944.

Before you buy your first or next 1911, check out the Taurus PT1911. It may be the last 1911 you will ever need.

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