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Beretta 92 9mm Earns Respect

In today’s consumer oriented society, people are usually given many options when it comes time to purchase any product.  Over time, people gravitate to their personal preferences and tend to be loyal to a particular brand whether it’s an electronic device, clothing, lawn mower, or vehicle. beretta 92

Yet gun owners seem to fall into two categories — those that want certain features regardless of brand and those that will buy only one brand and hope for the best.

Those in the latter category are fiercely loyal to their chosen firearm and decry all others.

The Beretta 92 9mm, a gun with a decades long history of reliability and military/law enforcement tradition, has unfortunately been the subject of much criticism and derision from many members of the brand loyal community.

Even before the Beretta 92 was adopted by the United States military in 1985, the handgun was a subject of controversy.  Non-believers claimed the gun was too unwieldy for the smaller 9mm rounds, that it was too heavy, that the triggering system was too complicated, or that it was not powerful enough.

Few, if any, of these naysayers were law enforcement personnel, who for the most part would trust the Beretta 92’s renowned reliability with their lives. Author and law enforcement officer Scott W. Wagner describes his feelings regarding the Beretta 92 in his article “The Beretta 92—The Most Reliable Semi-Auto Pistol on Earth” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“In my experience, I believe the Beretta 92 to be the most reliable semi-automatic pistol on the planet. I have never ever had a 92 jam, double feed, or stovepipe, regardless of the type of ammo I ran through it.  The open top slide design is the reason.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

The slide on the Beretta 92 is below the barrel, meaning the empty cartridges are ejected downward into open space and gravity does the rest. The under-barrel slide also seems to transfer into a smoother firing action with little recoil, no matter the ammo type.

The much-maligned trigger mechanism on the Beretta 92 is basically an urban myth. Mastering the double-action/single-action trigger pull is just a matter of practice and the 12-pound first shot trigger doubles as a safety. The decocker lever on the slide serves as an additional safety.

Range testing proved the Beretta 92 to be not only dependable, but accurate even at longer distances. At 25 yards, most shots held inside the 9/10 ring and even out to 50 yards, the majority of rounds still grouped within the 8/9/10 ring.

The Beretta 92 has an undeserved bad rap, yet thousands of law enforcement personnel trust their lives to it every day. Next time you’re gun shopping for a dependable, reliable carry piece, give the Beretta 92 a second look.

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