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Choosing the Right Gear is Key to a Personal Defense Plan

Most concealed carry permit holders take their 2nd Amendment rights very seriously and live their lives accordingly. In other words, they train regularly, own several firearms, and have most likely put together some type of personal defense kit. Although all of these items are personal preferences, the amount of gear you carry becomes more of a hazard than a deterrent at some point.ocelot gear

At first, new members of the concealed carry community are usually comfortable simply carrying one firearm and possibly an extra magazine.

Over time, shooters that are serious about personal defense realize the benefit of having a plan that includes more than a firearm by spending time at the range, talking to other members of the community, and reading about the CCW lifestyle.

One of the most basic essentials that is easiest to carry is a flashlight. Flashlights have become very sophisticated and can run into the price range of hundreds of dollars.

Yet for most purposes, a simple light with a beam that can project 30 feet should be sufficient.

A flashlight should also be lightweight and fit in a pocket somewhere. While flashlights can be a blinding deterrent in a volatile environment, they are useful in non-combative situations as well, such as when you’re looking under the hood of a car, fumbling for a keyhole, or as an emergency signaling device.

Another excellent choice for personal carry gear is some type of knife. There is a huge assortment of knives on the market, ranging from small folding knives to large, fixed blade survival knives. As a pistol backup, a folding knife that can be opened easily with one hand is paramount. An automatic knife or switchblade are even better options, but these aren’t allowed in every state.

Other devices that could be potentially beneficial in a close encounter of the worst kind are chemical sprays such as pepper spray or batons. One particularly effective pocket baton is the Persuader. With a basic knowledge of pressure points and anatomy, any person of average strength can use this little baton to inflict highly effective pinpoint injuries to any would-be assailant.

Yet for many, the biggest decision about what to carry centers around a backup gun. Is it really necessary? Well, yes and no. Author Steve Collins addresses the controversy in his article “How Much Gear Is Too Much?” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“However if you don’t train with the backup gun and don’t have it somewhere you can instantly get to it when you need it, it just becomes an extra three pounds you’re toting around every day. If your situation is such that you can honestly see yourself needing one, the best thing you can do is not tell anyone.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

Like all gear, it is a matter of personal preference in the end. Your ultimate goal should be to have a plan in place so that there is a purpose for carrying whatever equipment you decide upon. If the latest tactical gadget doesn’t have a place in your carry lifestyle, leave it on the shelf.

On the other hand, if you can envision a scenario where it will increase your chances of survival, then by all means, find a place to pack it. The end result should be a delicate balance where you are meeting your personal defense requirements without telegraphing to the world that you are armed to the teeth.

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