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Three Keys to Successful Home Defense Plan

Developing a home defense plan should be an integral part of any personal and family security strategy. It should involve more than propping a rifle in a corner near the door. solid snake up in this piece

In actuality, a successful home defense system needs three essential ingredients in order to keep the plan from ending up a half-baked recipe.

These ingredients are legality, safety, and effectiveness. They should be mixed together in varying amounts according to individual circumstances.

Each of these ingredients should be carefully considered while developing your plan, as author George Harris explains in his article “Concealing the Home Defense Weapon”  at USConcealedCarry.com:

“You and you alone are responsible for your choices, which make it imperative that you think through your individual situation before making your decisions. Be flexible and open to change simply because the world around us is in a perpetual state of change.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

Obviously, it makes sense to do a little background research to make sure your home defense plan doesn’t fall outside of local, state, or federal statutes. Regulations vary widely; permits may be required or you could be prohibited from leaving a loaded weapon unattended. A little groundwork beforehand can save mountains of problems down the road. Also, check with your local Concealed Carry Association; it may already have done much of the work for you.

Safety is an abstract concept and can be fairly objective in general, but as a cog in the gears of home defense, it is of paramount importance.  Your plan has to take into consideration not only the obvious household members like spouses and children, but other visitors who may have access to various areas of your home. These include repairmen, utility workers, exterminators, and others.  Firearms should not be accessible to any of these people unless they’ve been specifically trained in their use and are familiar with your home defense protocols.

On the other hand, in order for a home defense plan to be effective, firearms must be available when needed.  To make this seeming contradiction work, several companies make biometric fingerprint sensing lock boxes that can be placed in appropriate locations around the home. Cabinets with electronic locks are another option.

There are as many home defense plans as there are gun owners with homes; each one has to determine what parameters work best for his/her situation and plan accordingly. Ultimately, the best home defense plan is the simplest one: keep your legally permitted firearm on your person at all times.

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