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The Future is Now with Pila GL2 and GL3 Lights

In any discussion of tactical flashlights, the name Pila usually does not enter the conversation. That may be changing. In addition to their futuristic design, Pila engineers have incorporated programmable options into their GL2 and GL3 lights by means of computerized modules.pila flashlights

In 1990, Pila opened its doors for business in Hong Kong as a subsidiary of Permalight.

The first generation lights were basically clones of the Wolf-Eye lights, but in 2006, the company reinvented itself and brought in Swiss engineers to design the modern beacons you find on the market today.

The GL2 and GL3 are constructed of durable, shock-resistant, anodized aircraft aluminum.  The ergonomic shape of the Pila lights allows for ease of use and quick tactile recognition in low light situations.

One of the most interesting features of the Pila lights is the interchangeability of the modules. The rear cap of the lights can be switched out with several options including a tactical switch, a backup low output LED light, or a pressure pad switch suitable for rail mounting. A remote switch with a coiled cable that plugs into the tail cap is also available.

In addition to all of that, the beam can also be changed out. Depending on your preference or expected scenario, the GL2 and GL3 can be outfitted with either a LED emitter or Xenon lamp.

Another result of Pila’s out-of-the-box design mentality is a Codex programmable module. Duane A. Daiker describes how the Codex system works in his article “Pila Flashlights (GL2 and GL3)” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“Pila also offers a Codex programmable digital control module that screws into the lights between the head unit and the flashlight body. The codex features are interesting and allow the flashlight to generate various different levels of light and patterns of light.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

Pila offers the option to run the GL2/GL3 on either Lithium CR123A batteries or rechargeable batteries. Having a light with two power options is a perk for any field survival or concealed carry kit.  Pila offers a dependable 4-stage recharging system that also includes a vehicle power adapter.

The specs on these two lights are impressive. The GL2, depending on the module, radiates at about 120 lumens for approximately one hour on two lithium batteries.  The GL3 uses three batteries and generates a glaring 200 lumens for the same time. Both lights come with a belt holster.

The GL2 retails for about $55, the GL3 about $65. The recharging system goes for $70. Pila is a rejuvenated company with a forward-thinking design team. Depending on your need, these two lights may brighten your day.

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