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Revolver Speedloaders are Simplicity Incarnate

Simplicity has been the cornerstone of the revolver’s popularity over the years. Its basic point-and-shoot design combined with rare malfunctions or misfires has earned the revolver a well-deserved reputation for ruggedness and dependability.

But for the most part, this popularity has not carried over to the concealed carry community. speed loader

This is due largely to the fact that revolvers have limited ammo capacity and have a traditionally slow reload regimen; both features that concealed carry permit holders consider basic essentials for a carry piece.

Revolver speedloader manufacturers are trying to change that mindset.  Today with some practice, modern speedloaders can compare to semi-auto magazine reloading times.  Modern speedloaders fall into two categories; mechanical cylinder and speed strips.  There are several versions of each.

Author and firearms trainer Scott W. Wagner describes mechanical cylinder speedloader history in his article “Revolver Speedloaders” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“Keep in mind that both [of] these models got their baptism by fire via rough law enforcement service. In 35 years of time, I have never seen either brand break or malfunction. I can’t say the same of pistol magazines.”  (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

The mechanical cylinder speedloaders are primarily manufactured by Safariland and HKS.

The Safariland loader is the faster of the two because it releases the rounds into the cylinders with one motion.  After the speedloader is loaded, the basic revolver loading sequence involves aligning the rounds with the chamber and pressing the bullets into the cylinder until the loader stops. Then a firm push engages the star release and the rounds drop into the chambers.

The HKS revolver speedloaders require two motions to load the speedloader, slowing the overall process.  To load the revolver, simply hold the speedloader by the black cylinder and ease the rounds about halfway into the cylinder. Then simply turn the silver knob to the right and the ammo will fall into place.

Speed strips work a little differently.  The main advantage for these speedloaders is that they’re basically flat and can be easily carried in a pocket or purse. The disadvantage is that only two rounds can be loaded at the same time.

TUFF Products manufactures their QuickStrips for countless firearms and offers choices in a multitude of configurations. Loading a QuickStrip simply requires inserting the rounds and then pulling the loader against the cartridges.

With the growing popularity of revolver speedloaders, these stalwart firearms should definitely be an option to consider when shopping for your next concealed carry handgun.

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