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Adding a Flashlight to Your Concealed Carry Repertoire

When it comes to flashlights, there isn’t much room for improvement, right? Wrong. Maglite, an icon in the industry, has taken portable illumination to the next level with the ML300L LED D-Cell flashlight.flashlight

By redesigning the head and reflector, Maglite has not only widened the beam, but kicked the intensity up a notch to the 625 lumen level formerly reserved for lithium and rechargeable batteries.

In addition to that, the ML 300L has integrated a host of options that allow users to customize settings.

One of these options is beam adjustment. Older Maglites traditionally had beam selections ranging from spot to flood with decreasing central intensity.  These settings also could not be locked in and often slipped from one to the other. Not so with the Maglite ML300L –the beam rotation control only spans about an inch on the head and the beacon central intensity remains the same no matter the setting.  This is an important feature when trying to disorient a nocturnal intruder.

The other major change with the ML300l is the switching system. First and second generation Maglites used the familiar on-off push button spring system. The ML300L features a “Quick Click” electronic switch.

Author and firearms trainer Scott W. Wagner describes how the “Quick Click” system works in his article “Maglite ML300L LED D-Cell Flashlight: 625-Lumen Power, More Functions” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“The Quick Click system provides four function sets, with the addition of a strobe mode. Within each of the four sets are three functions. The sets can be selected by the user based on their preference and need.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

The default setting for the ML300L is General. The other options are Outdoor, Law Enforcement, and Tactical. Each of these options contain choices for different operational modes such as strobe, momentary, full power, eco, etc. Using the settings and modes allows each user to essentially customize their Maglite.

The Maglite 300L represents the top-of-the-line in full-size flashlights and provides several advantages over smaller lights that have come into vogue.

Its custom options allow the user to tailor it to very specific needs. Other advantages of the 300L are that D-cell batteries are readily available, it is constructed of high quality aircraft aluminum, and is reasonably priced around $70. Not only that, but what could end up being its most important attribute — its potential as an “emergency impact device.”

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