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Easy Learning Curve with Charter Arms Pathfinder .22

Charter Arms is a home-grown firearms manufacturer known primarily for producing a variety of small snub nose multi-purpose revolvers. The Connecticut-based armory’s revolvers are similar in design to the legendary Smith & Wesson J-frame, with a few distinctive features that make the Charter Arms’ guns stand apart.charter arms

The Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 follows in the company tradition of being a reliable and affordable revolver.

Available in either .22LR or .22Magnum, the Pathfinder .22 is a great introductory revolver for new concealed carry permit holders or for those interested in improving home defense.

The .22 caliber ammo is an excellent learning caliber and as author Scott W. Wagner points out in his article “Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 Snubbie: An Affordable and Reliable Revolver” at USConcealedCarry.com, it helps inexperienced shooters determine if they can handle a heavier caliber:

“Not everyone can handle harder kicking rounds in revolvers this size. I would much rather have somebody learn quickly to be extremely accurate and comfortable with a .22, than to be apprehensive and marginally accurate or worse with a .38.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

The specs on the Pathfinder .22 add up to an impressive firearm. The revolver is a six-shooter with a 2-inch snub nose barrel, but a four-inch barrel is an available option. The frame is stainless steel with a matching stainless finish.  The Pathfinder .22 is available with either two-inch or four-inch adjustable sights.

As with all of Charter Arms’ guns, the Pathfinder .22 is an easy take-down. The barrel, lug, and sight are one solid piece. The sideplate design and frame mounted firing pins make for quick field stripping and cleaning. No kid gloves are needed with the Pathfinder .22, either; it is made to be manhandled. The gun weighs 19 ounces and fits easily into any J-frame style Smith & Wesson holster.

At the range, there was a problem with Remington Yellow Jacket semi-wadcutter hollow point loads for testing; they ended up hitting the target sideways. Not good. CCI Mini-Mag and Federal high velocity hollow points worked without malfunction with excellent accuracy, which poses another reason to run various types of ammo through your new firearm. Recoil was negligible.

The Pathfinder .22 has the look, feel, and weight of a much bigger gun, which allows for gains in proficiency at .22 ammo price. The Pathfinder .22 retails in the $370 range, making it significantly less expensive than a comparable Smith & Wesson. However, the Pathfinder provides a dependable and accurate home and self-defense option.

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