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Tiny KaBar TDI Provides Big Backup

The vast majority of concealed carry permit holders do not carry firearms with the hope of one day becoming entangled in a situation where they are forced to use their weapon. They carry weapons to protect themselves and their families, hoping never to use them. As such, many in the concealed carry community arm themselves with alternative or backup weapons that do not employ deadly force.kabar tdi

These weapons are designed as a stop-gap that allow you to draw or retrieve your firearm or withdraw to safety.

Some of these “Plan B” devices include pepper spray, batons, stun guns, and of course, the knife.

The knife is often referred to as a weapon choice of last resort.

Using a knife involves close hand-to-hand combat and in many cases, requires the user to open the blade with one hand while fending off the attacker with the other.

Enter the KaBar TDI Knife, originally designed as a last ditch weapon to be worn by law enforcement personnel behind their duty belt.

The TDI is a small knife with a 2.5 inch blade in a general arcing design. In his article “KaBar TDI Knife” at USConcealedCarry.com, author Duane A. Daiker describes how the KaBar TDI design features give the defender an edge in face-to-face encounters:

“The TDI knife is designed to be carried on your belt, on the weak side, for quick access with your weak hand. Nothing beats a fixed blade knife for quick, no-fumble access. The TDI is a small fixed blade with a very ergonomic handle that makes it perfect for instinctive defensive maneuvers like thrusting and slashing to defend against a close-in attack.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

Another design feature that helps keep the TDI securely in your grasp is a hook-like groove that runs under the handle where it joins the blade. This follows the curved shape of the knife and not only provides a stronger grip but makes it much more difficult for an attacker to pry open your hand and take the knife.

The overall specs on the KaBar TDI add up to an impressive little knife. Its total length is only 5.5 inches and weighs less than three ounces. The handle is textured Zytel, while the blade is composed of tough AUS 8A stainless steel.  The TDI comes in various colors and is also available with a serrated edge.  The TDI price range is approximately $30-$40.

The sheath that comes with the knife was designed to be carried on a law enforcement duty belt and may not be suitable for concealed carry. Other more versatile and aesthetically pleasing sheaths are available online. One source is On/Scene Tactical at www.onscenetactical.com.

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