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Shepherd Debuts Elite Tactical Rifle

Since the dawn of the 21st century, the AR-15 rifle has grown by leaps and bounds in popularity and has justifiably earned a reputation as “America’s Rifle.” Almost every rifle manufacturer has developed their own version of this versatile weapon. Now newcomer Shepherd Firearms has joined the firearm fray with their impressive version of the AR-15, the Elite Tactical Rifle.shepherd elite

The Elite is essentially a custom-built AR-15. The upper and lower is crafted from billet aluminum and coated in Cerakote. The Elite also sports an 18-inch barrel, giving it a little extra velocity and range, thereby making it an effective weapon in a variety of potential encounters, from intermediate range defensive tactics to close-encounter room-sweeping.  At a lightweight six pounds and thirteen ounces, the rifle is easily wielded and fired even without a sling.

A rail is included for optical add-ons, but it’s not excessive. It comes in segments that can be customized according to needs of the customer.  For most customers, three segments should cover the majority of optical accessories.  The trigger on the Elite is a Timney, with no play and a crisp report. The pull is in the 3.5-4 pound range. The stock is adjustable and has space for battery storage.

Sights are not included with the Elite Tactical Rifle, so before going out for any distance training, make sure to acquire the sights that work for your needs.  Diamondhead is a good, fast supplier for a variety of sights for this rifle.

During field testing at 100 yards in the prone position, the Elite grouped all shots within 3-4 inches in a target silhouette head.  There were no misfires, jams, malfunctions or other mishaps of any kind. The direct gas-driven operating system performed smoothly overall, with little recoil. The Elite also performed admirably in a sweep at 50 feet, hitting all targets.

The Elite Tactical Rifle performs like a finely-tuned machine. However, precision, comfort, and reliability do not come cheap. Yet as author Scott W. Wagner describes in his article “Shepherd Firearms Elite Tactical Rifle: Multi-Purpose 5.56 AR-15 Excellence” at USConcealedCarry.com, the price is justified:

“To date, this is the most expensive firearm I have reviewed in this column. Capable of defense, competition, varmint hunting, or law enforcement duties, it is worth the price tag. MSRP is $2398.00.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

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