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Smith & Wesson 3913 TSW Combines Tradition with Technology

Smith and Wesson is a name steeped in the lore of firearms, usually conjuring up images of their street-tough snub-nose revolvers used by law enforcement across the country for decades and is easily recognized.  With the advent of the semi-automatic in the 80s, Smith & Wesson found itself in an “adapt or die” situation and a heated competition soon erupted between the main players of Smith &Wesson, Glock, Sig Sauer, and others. the 3913

During the 1990s, many states passed concealed carry permit legislation and suddenly thousands of men and women had the right to legally arm themselves.

Manufacturers saw the new market moving to smaller and lighter weapons and the rush was on to accommodate them with new models emerging in what seemed like every few months.

While Smith & Wesson continues to hold its own with the lightweight snub-nose revolvers, several of their semi-autos have received high praise from the concealed carry community. One in particular, the discontinued 3913 TSW, is widely regarded as one of the best concealed carry firearms ever made.

Author Duane Daiker describes the ongoing popularity of the 3913 TSW in his article “The Smith & Wesson 3913 TSW: A Proven Performer” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“…the S&W 3913 is worth your consideration. It is not the latest, the highest tech, or the most popular concealed carry firearm on the market…And yet, the S&W 3913 TSW and its closely related kin have been out quietly doing their jobs for decades…” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

The specs on the 3913 are impressive for concealed carry: 6.75 inches long, .9 inches wide and 5.0 inches high. The barrel is 3.5 inches long and the magazine is a single-stack 8+1. The safety lock is a left-right accessible de-cocking lever. The first shot is a hammer down, long trigger pull, followed by a much lighter pull on all subsequent shots.

The 3913 comes with a loaded chamber indicator rather than a factory key-lock. The gun also has a magazine disconnect safety, which prevents the gun from firing if the clip is not in place. The sights are the standard 3-dot with some availability for night sight upgrade. The TSW also has a rail mount for a tactical light add-on.

During field testing, the 3913 TSW held up well, ripping through 500 rounds of ammo without a hitch. The sights work well, affording nice groupings at 30 feet, a good range for concealed carry training.

If you’re looking for a carry piece that is built on tradition, yet performs with high-tech precision and tucks neatly away into a holster, the 3913 is probably the gun for you.

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