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Buying Your First Glock: A Primer

Glock handguns have been the firearm of choice for many years, if not decades.  65% of law enforcement departments purchase Glocks as standard issue and many other military or security personnel prefer Glocks as well. Not only that, but Glocks are extremely popular with civilians due to their versatility and power for self-defense or home security.glock

The Glock line comes in many shapes and sizes, but there are several fundamental features of design and operation both good and bad.

This holds true for all Glocks.

Before jumping on the Glock bandwagon, it’s important to understand what awaits you inside the world of owning a Glock.

One of the main attractions to the weapon is their ease of operation. They don’t have a manual safety that needs to be turned on and off and could end up in the wrong position at a crucial time.

Another advantage is the light weight due to the polymer frame, which is an important feature for concealed carry. The extremely tough Tenifer coated slide and barrel makes the Glock virtually impervious to rust and scratches.

However, some of the advantages can be a double-edged sword.  Author Scott W. Wagner explains why the lack of manual safety may be hazardous to your health in his article “Glock 101: Basic Tips for New Users” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“Holstering a Glock requires making sure that nothing gets in between the trigger and the holster. It also absolutely precludes stuffing a holster-less Glock into your waistband. Engaging in this practice could result in you missing a few body parts.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

There are a few options that can make using your new Glock a little easier, especially under duress. A gun with the extended slide release option will speed up reloads and for the 9mm and .40 caliber models, the adjustable rear sight and white dot front sight is recommended due to ammo differentiations.

Avoid the extended magazine release, especially for concealed carry. It gets in the way and can pop out unexpectedly. And in order for the empty magazine to drop free, the release button must be pushed all the way through.  Ease up on the trigger finger grip when reloading and the process will be smoother.

You may want to consider a grip plug for the bottom of the grip.  There are advantages and disadvantages to grip plugs but for a new owner it is an easy way to keep dirt, dust and general gunk out of your firearm.

And yes, there is such a thing as overcleaning. A Glock only requires 5 drops of gun oil for the entire gun when cleaning. Too much can affect performance.  Use these tips and the instruction manual and you will be well on your way to getting the most out of your new Glock.

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