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Don’t Underestimate the FN Five-SeveN Pistol

One of the fundamental tenets of the concealed carry community is to expect the unexpected. To anticipate the worst case scenario and have a plan. In the event of an emergency, the one thing concealed carry holders don’t want to worry about is weapon reliability. A misfire or jam when a life is on the line is unacceptable.five seven

Enter the FNH-USA 5.7x28mm Five-seveN, an under-the-radar pistol with an impressive resume, including zero misfires, jams, or other firing malfunctions.

This is a reliable carry piece. It’s also deceptively rugged.  At first glance, the body appears to be encased in polymer, but closer inspection reveals a steel slide with a polymer protective cover.

This covering gives the Five-seveN a slick overall appearance while maintaining a combat-ready weapon.

Ballistics testing on the Five-seveN is comparable to a Winchester Ranger 9mm round. During a field test with a “Bullet Test Tube,” the Five-seveN 5.7x28mm bullet actually penetrated a half-inch deeper than the 9mm, giving the Five-seveN respectable stopping power not only at close range, but with distant targets as well.

Author Scott W. Wagner describes the distance capabilities of the Five-seveN in his article “FN’s Five-seveN Pistol: Excellence in Self-Defense” at USConcealedCarry.com:

“What distinguishes the Five-seveN from any other sidearm is its long-range capability.       It thrives at extended ranges — 100 yards and further. Its high velocity, low recoil and excellent trigger (about 4 pounds weight or less) keep the flat shooting round right on target.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

The design and engineering of the Five-SeveN seems to be customized to the needs of every shooter. The grip is molded for universal comfort and the push-release magazine holds an amazing 20 rounds, made possible by slim profile cartridges.

A safety on the magazine will prevent the pistol from firing when the magazine hasn’t been inserted, allowing for an easy disabling of the weapon if necessary in a close struggle. A frame accessory rail is attached to the front of the frame in the event the owner wants to attach a laser or white light and there’s a loaded chamber indicator button located on the left side of the ejection port. The rear sight on the gun is adjustable, while the front ramp-type sight sits slightly higher than average.

The Five-SeveN performed well in every category during field testing. This highly accurate weapon has the ability to make poor shooters look average and average shooters look professional. Although the MSRP for this firearm is a steep $1200, its durability, versatility, and accuracy make it a good investment in self-defense.

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