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The Ice Cream Can Wait

Better safe than sorry is a time-worn adage that seems antiquated and cliché in today’s world where everything seems to be high-tech and high speed with the only goal being instant gratification.

nerfed ice cream with a gun

Yet when your life is on the line, the saying isn’t only something to take to heart, but it’s literally the foundation of survival.

Not long ago, a young Atlanta woman was sitting in her living room while enjoying a dish of ice cream.

Before she knew it, two masked intruders barged into her home, beat her, threw a blanket over her and shot her in the head.

She survived, but the experience not only changed her life, but changed her perceptions of home defense as well.

The victim was an active member of the concealed carry community.  She owned two guns and was trained in self-defense techniques. She had reviewed home invasion scenarios over and over in her mind and how she would react.  Unfortunately on the night of the attack, her shotgun stood loaded in her bedside safe and her handgun was out of reach in the glove compartment of her car.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she’d made another mistake that had gone overlooked until that evening.  The weather was nice and she opened the house up to get rid of recycled AC air.  In the victim’s own words, this gave the thugs “perfect access.”

Author Rick Sapp discusses the issue of letting down your guard in his article “Ice Cream Readiness” on USConcealedCarry.com:

“It doesn’t matter how much training you have, whether you typically carry inside your belt or in your purse, or what caliber you prefer. If you can’t reach your gun when you need it, you might as well be sitting there eating ice cream and petting the dog.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

In this case, the victim was able to escape and make her way to safety through nearby woods, but she will be scarred physically and emotionally for the remainder of her days from an event that could have been preventable. If the intruders had encountered a secured home, they would have made enough noise for the victim to get her gun, or most likely, would have moved on to an easier target.

Time-worn or not, being safe instead of sorry is common sense for the concealed carry community. Keeping the handgun secured in a holster is a much better option than the glove compartment. Having the weapon within easy reach eliminates the possibility of a panicked scramble through the house in search of another weapon or worse, an assault you could have fended off otherwise.

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