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Self-Defense and Survival Without Your Handgun

Anyone who carries a firearm concealed for their own protection runs the risk of becoming too dependent on that gun to keep them safe. It can even get to the point where they feel helpless and unprotected without a firearm. gloved hands with gun

Let’s face it, you carry a gun for one reason — it’s the most stopping power that one person can legally and practically have on them.

A gun represents concentrated force. This is a good thing when you’re faced with having to defend your life and safety, but this concentrated force won’t always be available to you or even be the best option for your situation.

Every time a citizen has to defend him- or herself, the story is slightly different. Yes, most accounts might have the same general points. There are many slight differences in everyone’s experiences.

Sometimes a person will be totally covered by a criminal with a weapon leaving them no opportunity to access their own weapon even if they have it on them

An actual example of this is documented by author Mark Walters in his article “A Story of Abduction” on USConcealedcarry.com:

“With the male criminal driving and his loser female accomplice up in the front passenger seat, holding a handgun aimed directly at my cousin’s face, the journey to ATMs and crack-houses began. As his money began to deplete at each ATM and the crack began flowing through the loser’s veins, my cousin’s situation became more perilous by the minute.” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

In this true story, the author’s cousin realized that his primary objective was to save his own life by any means possible.

Since he wasn’t in possession of a handgun, he took an opportunity that presented itself. When he was in control of the vehicle, he chose to swerve and jump out of the moving car.

There is no such thing as “by the book” self-defense, however there are always opportunities to go on the offensive and/or defensive whether you have access to a gun or not.

Consider that if you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, you actually are armed with a 2 ton bullet. The question is how or if you can use this to your advantage. Psychological tricks such as distractions and feints can also be employed at times.

The important thing to understand is that you aren’t automatically defenseless if you don’t have your handgun. Learn to keep your eyes open and see the chances you have to survive no matter how small they may seem.

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