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Common Dos and Don’ts That Many CCW Permit Holders Should Know

We all know that carrying concealed requires discretion. It also requires responsibility and should require continual knowledge when it comes to self-defense and handling a gun. Here is a list of common dos and don’ts that apply to the world of carrying concealed firearms for personal defense: ccw shirt

  • DO tell your significant other about your decision to carry a firearm. Make sure you ask them about their feelings on the matter. Including them in the process will help eliminate any surprises or miscommunication later on.
  • DON’T purchase a firearm and only fire it a few times, assuming that is enough practice. Training is an important part of carrying and doing so will only boost your confidence and effectiveness.
  • DO carry at every opportunity. Of course there will be places where you can’t legally possess a firearm such as banks, courthouses, or schools, but you should always carry even if you are only making a quick trip to the store for groceries or it you’re taking a two-week road trip, providing it’s legal to do so through each state you cross and at your destination. It’s always important to check the reciprocity laws for each of those states and areas.
  • DON’T risk saddling yourself with the guilt of not having your gun with you when you could have legally done so.
  • DO research ahead of time and find out who the good lawyers are for individuals who carry concealed. If you ever have to use your weapon in self-defense, there is a good possibility that you’ll need a lawyer to help you navigate the legal system. Even something as simple as having a business card for a local attorney is good. Or, become a member of USCCA. We’ve got you covered.
  • DO always have a round in the chamber. Having to cycle the slide on a pistol adds seconds to your defense time, assuming you even remember to do so. You don’t want to pull the trigger and have nothing happen. Keep a round in the chamber and treat the weapon accordingly.
  • DO invest in a good holster and carry system. One of the most difficult parts of concealed carry is the presence of a heavy and bulky metal weapon on your person at all times. Even the best holstered gun can occasionally jab and poke you in the wrong places. Even more dangerous is the possibility of a loose or poorly secured gun coming free and hitting the ground. A good holster is something you’ll never regret spending extra money on.

USCCA has a few additional words of wisdom in the article “Buildertech Company’s – the CCW Shirt” on USConcealedcarry.com:

“Know how the gun [you are carrying aims]. Know how the gun fires the ammunition you have chosen to use. Be sure the ammo is right for the weapon by firing it at the range. I know this can get expensive, but you have to know your limitations. Know if your automatic (assuming you use an auto) is going to cycle properly when called on to do so. What good are those deadly rounds if they won’t go “bang” when you pull the trigger?” (Read more about the CCW Shirt at USConcealedCarry.com)

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