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Concealed Carry Clothing for the Outdoors

January 30, 2014 Leave a comment

As more and more civilians begin to carry concealed, retailers are starting to make concealed carry outerwear to accommodate that market.


Yet despite the eight million supporters of carrying, you can still understand how difficult it can be to find appropriate and functional outerwear.

The Conceal Carry Jacket by Rivers West is made of high-quality fleece. When purchasing a jacket for to wear while carrying, you want to be sure you choose something durable.

The Conceal Carry Jacket is not only waterproof, but is also windproof so you will be able to endure any kind of harsh weather.

You also can’t go wrong with the waterproof guarantee and 10-year unbreakable warranty that comes with purchase.

Wondering how the jacket carries? There is a holster rig securely attached to the jacket in the crossdraw position.

Rivers West also offers two versions of the same jacket to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed carriers. The holster has a flexible pocket and a retention strap made of Velcro.

Better yet, the product includes the semi-rigid “conceal plate” that conceals any printing, making it virtually impossible for anyone to detect a concealed weapon.

In his article “Rivers West Conceal Carry Jacket on, author Duane A. Daiker evaluates the function and durability of the Conceal Carry Jacket:

“I found the jacket to work very well. The holster provides adequate stability, and the conceal-plate does exactly what it is supposed to do. The jacket needs to be zipped, at least partially, to ensure the handgun is concealed. Having the jacket closed also helps distribute the weight of the gun across the shoulders, making for a more comfortable carry experience. Overall, concealment is very good so long as you can wear the jacket at least partially closed. (Read more about the Concealed Carry Jacket here)”

When you go to access your weapon, it may be a bit slower than you are accustomed to, but a jacket is never going to be quiet or as quick as a belt or other type of holster. Because of this, you’ll want to practice drawing before actually wearing the jacket and carrying your weapon, but practice makes perfect.

Another great thing about the Rivers West Conceal Carry Jacket is that it can accommodate a number of different handguns, both large and small. Are you looking for a jacket that comes in something other than black?

You’re in luck with the Rivers West that comes in black, charcoal, navy, olive drab, and taupe. At the time this article was written, the Rivers West Conceal Carry Jacket retailed at an MSRP of $139.99. You can view the entire concealed carry collection at


Concealed Carry and Disaster Preparation Plans

January 30, 2014 Leave a comment

With hurricanes, floods, fires, blizzards and ice storms, it seems like there are more natural disasters happening than ever before.

What do these forces of Mother Nature have to do with those of us who chose to carry concealed?


The entire reason we get our concealed carry permit is to protect our families, right?

Whether defending our families from an intruder, a manmade disaster or nature’s fury, there are similar steps we should all take.

When preparing for a natural disaster, you will need to take your surroundings into account. Do you live in a floodplain? Flotation devices and even a small boat may be something to include in your survival plan. If you live in a heavily wooded mountain area, then those probably won’t be very useful, but chains for your tires are a must.

Wherever you live, create your plan and review it with your family. Everyone should know what to do in the event of a fire or other natural disaster. They also should know what to do if an intruder breaks into your home. Obviously, these different scenarios require different plans. Just as you would have a fire drill, you should have other safety drills so you and your family are confident they will be able to survive any situation.

When you are making your survival action plans, be sure to include alternate escape routes. The back door might be perfect to escape from a burglar or even a fire, whereas a flood may require you exit through an upstairs window.

Every home should have a “Bug Out Bag,” or BOB, that will help ensure their survival. The BOB should be reviewed and restocked from time to time to be sure that everything is dry and in working order. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out that all the batteries you put in your BOB 5 years ago are now dead.

US Concealed Carry Association believes everyone should be ready for any disaster. They outline key tips in their blog post “Preparing for the Worst” on Here is an excerpt: 

“And while most people carrying concealed would likely have their daily carry gun on their person in the event of a disaster, some do wish to include a gun in their BOB. For those that wish to do so, we advise a small, lightweight gun that can be locked up easily. (Read more about survival tips and concealed carry here)”

Another great little life-saving tool to have is a simple whistle. Just about everyone in your family can use a whistle. We all know a whistle can be used as part of our self-defense plan to alert others to our situation, but it can be a key to surviving a natural disaster too.

Have an agreed upon meeting place that you all know how to get to. If you get separated, your family members will all know how to find one another. If the meeting place is no longer safe because of the flood, fire, or other situation, having a whistle can help your family find each other, even in the dark.

Keep in mind that natural disasters may strike with little or no warning at any time of day or night. Grabbing your handgun and concealed carry permit should be part of every emergency drill—not just those for a home invasion. 

Concealed Carry Weapons: The Montie Gear Ultra-Light

January 9, 2014 Leave a comment

If you tend to carry concealed but don’t necessarily carry a pistol, you may be more likely to carry something light and discreet such as a knife.


A blade can have a number of uses, and is a great concealed carry weapon.

If you want something that is safe and efficient, you should consider the Montie Gear Ultra-Light.

The Ultra-Light gives you a well-defined view of the blade.

It also has the safety of a thumb-release locking system with accelerated draw action. Carrying the Ultra-Light is simple. It can be attached to many items such as belt loops, backpack or messenger bag straps via its polymer attaching plate.

The initial setup of the sheath holds the concealed carry weapon horizontally, keeping it parallel to the ground below. This keeps you safe and doesn’t allow the knife to push against you.

If you have your blade attached to your bag, you will have easy access to it by merely drawing in a downward motion. But, there are other ways that you can carry the Ultra-Light by re-positioning the plate to an angle that best suits you.

If you decide to re-position the weapon, make sure that the screws are secure in place, so you don’t lose it accidentally.

In his article “The Montie Gear™ Ultra-Light Fixed Blade Knife: A High Tech Cutting and Defensive Tool for the 21st Century on, Scott W. Wagner goes into more detail on this concealed carry weapon:

“The three inch plain edge blade is made from Chrome Vanadium steel, with a Rockwell Hardness of 58-62.  Of a skeletonized design with a tanto style point, it is pre-sharpened to an extremely sharp edge.  When you dull it, Montie Gear offers a sharpening service if you can’t do it yourself. The blade is held to the skeletonized aluminum grip by fine hex screws-the same screws that hold the sheath together. The grips are available plain, or with nice paracord wrapping available in different colors-mine was wrapped in black.  The weight of the paracord wrapped knife and sheath together is a feathery 3.7 ounces (the knife alone only weighs 1.9 ounces)!  It definitely won’t weigh you down on the trail or the street as a companion piece to your handgun, or just as a utility tool.  If I was currently on SWAT, it would ride on my raid armor.” (Read more about this concealed carry weapon here)

Another plus about the Ultra-Light and the company as a whole is that they hold their weapons and service to a high standard.  If you ever have an issue with a Montie Gear weapon, you can be sure your issue will be solved efficiently.

No matter if you want to use the Montie Gear Ultra-Light as a concealed carry weapon or just as something you would like to have for any type of emergency, it’s well worth the $249.95 MSRP (at the time of this writing). You won’t be disappointed.