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Concealed Carry Holster Near to a Woman’s Heart

October 3, 2013 1 comment

Women who decide to concealed carry know that it isn’t always easy to find a holster that works for us. Sometimes it seems like there is just no place that we can carry a pistol. At least, no place that doesn’t look obvious or feel uncomfortable. Our other option has been to wear baggy clothes that don’t reveal that we are carrying a pistol. The problem is, they don’t reveal our natural curves, either. Image

If you have tried ankle holsters, thigh holsters, IWB, and been dissatisfied with how they fit, feel, or the limitations on your fashion sense, then the Flashbang bra holster may be just for you.

Lisa Looper created this holster for women. Her family has been in the business of making leather holsters in Oklahoma City since 1938. She knows first-hand how challenging it can be to look feminine and carry.

Under Lisa’s direction, Looper Law Enforcement, LLC came out with Flashbang bra holster that works for women of all sizes. And a variety of gun sizes, too.

This holster attaches to your bra between the cups. It comes with straps that you can use to attach to any number of different bras. This makes it adaptable enough for you to wear with just about any attire, whether you are out on the town or hanging with friends in jeans and a t-shirt. As long as you wear a bra, of course.

Author Dara Lynn Humphries writes more about the advantages of the bra holster in her article “Flash-Bang: Keep Your Gun Front and Center”, on

 “When I lowered my blouse and looked into the mirror it was like magic – no gun or holster was showing because the gun actually rests partially underneath my breast inside the bra cup. Now on a mission to test out the true concealment abilities of the holster, Lisa and I walked back to the booth and I polled various people if they could notice where I was concealing a (dummy) firearm. To my amazement, no one was able to find it.” (Read more about why this holster might be a carrying girl’s best friend)

Drawing your weapon requires raising your top, but this could actually be used to your advantage as it is a distraction to the attacker. Since you draw with your dominant hand you lose no control or power with this small holster. Of course, like with any new holster, you will want to practice drawing from this holster before you try it out in public.

The Flashbang is made from a molded plastic. A suede strap marries the plastic to your bra, making changing bras a snap. The plastic allows for a comfortable carry while being very secure.

There are more and more products being made for women who choose to carry concealed. This Flashbang bra holster is another example of an excellent product made specifically for women who never want to leave home without their pistol close at hand.