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Discreet Concealed Carry Holsters: the Bianchi Foldaway

When it comes to the diverse types of holsters out there, you doImagen’t want to skimp on the one that might be the epitome of what you’re looking for.

Some holsters can be extremely clunky and cumbersome, but the Bianchi Foldaway is the exact opposite. Incredibly straightforward in design, it consists of a simple strap of leather and two corresponding belt loops; can’t get any simpler than that.

In addition, the Bianchi is incredibly affordable at only $15.25. While this amount might lead you to question the performance and durability of the holster, don’t be fooled, it’s a great counterpart to your weapon for a variety of reasons.

Leather comes in many varieties, but the leather on the Bianchi is full-grain, meaning that it is tremendously sturdy and looks very high-end for one of the smaller leather holsters on the market today. It has the capability of holding a Kimber Super Carry Pro with extreme ease and the perfect amount of tension.

As for the holster in general, installation is a piece of cake; all you have to do is fold it a bit in order to feed a belt through the loops, and this ends up covering the trigger guard. In this case, neither the holster nor the belt loops come into contact with the Super Carry Pro’s left-thumb safety, but a small portion of leather does cover the right-thumb safety.

The only issue that you could run into here is with the type of cover apparel you are wearing. The handgun is carried outside of the waistband, so the muzzle becomes visible. A longer t-shirt may do the trick, but you would have to be careful not to raise your arms too high. Taking into consideration what you are wearing is a key point when using the Bianchi Foldaway holster.

In his article on US Concealed Carry, Mark Kakkuri explains why the Bianchi Foldaway holster is an ideal investment:

“Overall, the relatively inexpensive Bianchi Foldaway proved effective and even inspiring as it carried the relatively extravagant Kimber Super Carry Pro. The Kimber rode securely, drew quickly, and re-holstered easily. A great match for the black 1.5″ gun belt on which I installed it, the Plain Black Foldaway you see here is also available in Plain Tan. Plain and simple, Bianchi Foldaway was a great means of carrying the Kimber Super Carry Pro.” (Read more about this versatile holster here.)

Holsters come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and materials. If you’re the minimalist type and are looking for something that is simple and affordable, the Bianchi Foldaway is an excellent find, particularly if you’re looking for something to house a weapon such as the Kimber Super Carry Pro.

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