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Keeping Safe at Home and Away in the Digital Age

Living in the 21st century, we have many newly developed ways to keep ourselves safe both at home and abroad, ranging from cell phones to modern firearms. Image

This new age has also created a dangerous new set of problems and tools that criminals can use to access the historically hidden secrets of our lives.

A common danger that springs to mind is Facebook or any other social media site where the general public or a segment of it can view your posts.

Those who use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter would be wise to keep their whereabouts secret. Posting that you are leaving for a 2 week vacation to the Bahamas may very well be viewed by someone with ill intentions.

Now they know you’ll be gone and when you’ll return. This gives thieves ample time to rob your house and make a clean getaway.

Be wary of pictures you post anywhere online. If your Flickr account has pictures of your house, car and that new gun safe, it’s well within the realm of possibility for someone to find the address that has that nice new gun safe full of well-oiled, shiny firearms.

Usually people will unwittingly post pictures both inside and outside their home, effectively giving a robber the chance to “case the joint” without ever having to show their face until the chosen moment.

Often overlooked, but equally important is hotel safety. A hotel room is our home away from home. It’s very easy to bring our home habits to a new and foreign environment and maybe at your house, you leave your bedroom door open so the cat can go in and out at night. Obviously this may not be such a good idea in your hotel room.

Author Miguel Gonzalez has some first-hand advice from his own personal experience detailed in his article “Hotel Safety” on USConcealedcarry.com:

“The most common mistake I experienced was that guests would treat the room door as their home’s bedroom door: basically not paying too much attention to it. Most hotels have their doors set with some sort of self closing mechanism and people enjoy it so much that they simply walk away trusting it will close itself, and not making sure the door is secured. “(Read more about preventing hotel and home invasion here.)

 Remember that criminals are opportunistic. Don’t leave things to chance or assume that nothing will happen. Think twice and lock that door

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