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How Local Gun Purchases Can Be Facilitated Using the Internet

If you are turning to the Internet for your next gun purchase, it may be because you are hoping for a better deal than you can get locally or maybe you’re simply looking to buy a rare, hard-to-find gun.

Clearly explained by author Duncan Mackie in his article “Buying Guns Online” at USConcealedcarry.com, obtaining a firearm online isn’t that difficult-

“To buy a gun online, set up an account at the site of your choice, either a sales or an auction site, then find a gun you want. If you have questions about the gun, you will have an opportunity to contact the seller, usually by email or telephone. Photos and descriptions of the gun offered for sImageale in both auctions and classified ads almost always accompany the item auction or sales notice online, along with information about the seller, including location, contact information, and their sales history. Some sites have levels of seller memberships, which can be useful in gauging the reliability of a seller. Use the contact information to ask questions of the seller.

(Read more about Duncan’s advice on using the Net to buy handguns here)

The trouble with buying a used gun online is you aren’t able to actually handle it before it arrives.

Similar to buying a car without a test drive, this could turn out great but it could also lead to disappointment and hassles with returns.

Thousands of guns are sold online every day with few complications. However, these online gun listings can prove valuable to those searching for a specific firearm, but are unwilling to go all the way and make an online purchase.

These gun-for-sale websites have the ability to connect people who live close to one another, but would never have done business otherwise.

It’s quite possible that someone in your town is advertising the exact gun you are in search of. The problem is, you and the seller don’t know each other. Maybe you find a gun online that you like. You ask the seller a few questions and end up talking to them on the phone where you discover they are in the next town over.

This is the perfect opportunity for the buyer and seller to meet face to face. If the seller is able to sell their gun privately, they don’t have to pay the website a percentage fee and they may be willing to negotiate a little if the buyer pays in cash.

As a side note, beware of shady deals where you show up with the cash and are robbed at gunpoint. While rare, this does happen sometimes so it’s best to keep your wits about you and bring someone else along for backup.

On a final note, there is a relatively recent development for people searching for guns online called “Facebook Classified Groups”. These are groups started with the purpose of helping people buy and sell amongst themselves and in most cases, everything under the sun including guns are advertised for sale.

With all of this in mind, it is still best to choose wisely and get the kind of handgun you want. Do your research, do all you can to make sure the firearm is exactly what you want, and stay safe.

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