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Pocket Holsters: What’s a Good Choice for You?

In the business world, it is often required that one wear a business suit or some form of formal attire to the workplace, but for one with a concealed carry permit, a hip holster may not be the most practical manner of carrying a gun. Some people prefer to carry their guns in pocket holsters and after reading reviews of quite a few happy customers, one company’s prodImageuct continued to stand out –  DeSantis pocket holsters .

They have a variety of styles to choose from, but the difference between DeSantis and other pocket holsters are the “nubs” on them. They look like half circles and the exterior of the holster itself is “sticky” so that it stays securely in your pocket, even when you pull your gun out. Their web site offers a search feature that will find the right pocket holster for the gun you carry.

Two of the more popular pockets holsters are the DeSantis Nemesis and DeSantis Super Fly.

Both are small, and barely visible when they’re in your pocket. And they’re inexpensive at just under $25.

These pocket holsters fit well in jeans, shorts, dress pants, etc.  They also have adjustable straps, which help conceal your firearm better than other pocket holsters.

If you wear suits for business, think about getting one that can be tailored. This way, you can have your tailor make accommodations for the pocket holster. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing your pocket holster with you for the fitting, place your hand in the pocket you want the holster to fit in as a fist and in the four o’clock position. This should approximate the size of your pocket holster so that the tailor can adjust accordingly.

If you insist on buying off the rack, make sure you do have your pocket holster with you so that when you go into the fitting room, you can place it in the pocket and make sure it fits well. You may end up having to go up a pant size, but with a belt you shouldn’t have a problem.

Once you get home with your brand new suit, it’s time to stand in front of a mirror and see how the pocket holster looks. If there is too much of a bulge, you need to try a smaller gun in the holster.

Now practice drawing your gun from the pocket holster. It may feel odd with the stickiness of the DeSantis pocket holster in your pocket just sitting there, but once you’ve drawn your firearm several times, you should get used to it.

Jason Hanson gives useful advice in his article “The Businessman’s Guide to Concealed Carry” on USConcealedcarry.com:

“In short, when you reach into your pocket the hand needs to be relatively flat. Once in the pocket, get a firm grip on the gun, pull straight up, and then rotate the gun toward the target and drive it out. If you can’t get a firm grip on the gun, or the holster comes out with the gun, then you need to experiment with other pocket holsters. What matters is that the next time you walk out of your house dressed in a suit, there’s a gun on you somewhere. After all, that might be the day the gun saves your life or the life of a family member. (Read more about Hanson’s  pocket holster experience here).”

The DeSantis holster is guaranteed to make sure your weapon stays where it should be at all times. With the proper fittings in order, the pocket holster is a simple and practical alternative to carrying your gun safely and discreetly so that no one at work or on the road will know.

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