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LTCF: What to Know When Traveling in the United States with Your Weapon

Having a license to carry firearms (LTCF) brings with it certain responsibilities. Because not every state honors the LTCF of other states, the laws from coast to coast vary from being allowed to carry concealed with no permit, such as in Vermont, Arizona, and Alaska, to not being able to carry at all, such as in New York City, the District of Columbia, and Illinois, though Illinois is going through some changes.1911 handgun

So, let’s say you’re taking a road trip from Pennsylvania to California. How should you prepare?

  • Know the laws of the states you’re traveling through before leaving and abide by them, even if you’re only passing through.  There are no federal LTCF laws.  And if you’re caught with an Illegal gun, those charges can be devastating.
  • Make sure that your gun is held securely and that it cannot be accessed by anyone other than another LTCF holder.
  • Carrying concealed, when permitted, can be better than open carry in that it arouses less discomfort in people who are afraid of or against guns.
  • Be ready for anything. Always be aware of your situation and be ready to shoot, if necessary. That’s why you got that gun in the first place!
  • Train to use your weapon in all types of situations.
  • Keep your weapon clean. Dirt and powder build-up can cause jamming, a situation that is best to avoid when using your gun means the difference between life and death.
  • Be responsible for your weapon at all times.

And as Bruce N. Eimer, PhD. points out in his article, “Rules of the Road,”  at USConcealedCarry.com,

“The Federal Gun Free School Zones Act prohibits an unlicensed person from carrying a weapon, openly or concealed, within 1000 feet of a school zone. However, exceptions are granted in the Federal law to holders of valid State-issued weapons permits. Thus, when one obtains a license to carry in a given state, it is often the case that certain restrictions are eased. This is one of the main reasons to obtain a LTCF that is recognized by as many states as possible. “ (Read more of Eimer’s article regarding LTCFs here.)

The whole point is not to think that your LTCF is something casual. Along with having it is a big responsibility – to you, to the law, and to the people around you.

For more information on concealed carry reciprocity, visit http://www.USConcealedCarry.com/travel

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