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Without CCW Reciprocity

October 22, 2012 1 comment

When you travel into a state or area without CCW reciprocity, do you try to investigate other forms of self-defense that you would be allowed to use? Or do you just let it go?  Cody S. Alderson is a regular contributor to and actually took the time to look at laws regarding pepper spray when he had a chance to go fishing in New York.  Unfortunately, the laws did not spell things out to his satisfaction and so he ended up going on the trip without any weapons of any kind.Glock-36

This left an unsettled feeling in Alderson for the rest of the trip.  When you are used to carrying concealed on a regular basis, to suddenly be left without your gun can be a bit uncomfortable. This brings up the question about the purpose of the laws like this in the first place.

A true criminal would not follow a law that says it is not okay for him to carry a gun into New York.  A true criminal would simply not care.  The only person that cares is someone like Alderson — a responsible citizen who is thoughtful about the use of his gun no matter what.  A trained concealed carry permit holder that has handgun (s) for defense is the kind of person that is most affected by this type of legislation.

Without CCW Reciprocity

“The last time I saw a statistic was a few years ago, and it was over 12 million for concealed carry citizens in the US. I have a whole list of states that welcome me, my money and my defensive handgun. New York is a stunningly beautiful place. I enjoyed my brief visit. However, I never will be able to forget how I was treated as a person who could not be trusted in the same way that Pennsylvania trusts me. Why do invisible lines create the potential for law-abiding citizens to become felons if they choose to be armed for defense?” (Read more)

Alderson makes a good point: states without CCW reciprocity call into question those law-abiding citizens that have taken the time to get a permit, a concealed carry license and most likely some kind of additional training as well.  These are highly likely the same people you would have the least reason to be afraid of.

People who are intent on doing harm, who are unconcerned with the lives and safety of others, these are the same people who could care less about state laws that restrict them from bringing a gun across state lines.  It will not keep them from doing what they are determined to do.

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