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The Space Around Concealed Carry Laws

In an intelligent article on USConcealedCarry.com, author Vincent DePascale discusses the delicate balance that makes up our world and talks about the space around concealed carry laws.  That’s not to infer that there are ways around the laws, but pointing out that the situations in which the laws are enforced strictly or not is somewhat relative.hand with gun

When you know the laws, then you also know when they are applicable and when they are not. As an instructor, DePascale related information about the change some of the laws have undergone in the 30 years he has been working.  As a litigator, he also has a unique perspective on the hypocrisy of the way some of the laws are laid out.

The Space Around Concealed Carry Laws

“I also told them what I considered to be reality, which is what the street cops doing the investigations and what the grand juries who would hand down the indictments appeared to use as their yardstick:     

  1. Unless you shoot someone, no-one is going to know that you are armed;
  2.  If the shooting is justified, the courts do not care that you had the weapon;
  3. If the shooting is not justified, the fact that you had the gun is going to be the least of your problems.” (More Concealed Carry Laws info here)

DePascale then goes on to point out that we have laws on the books that clearly say that murder is wrong, then also have laws that allow the state to put certain criminals to death, and that police are allowed to use deadly force against those that fall into certain scenarios.  The laws, then, are applicable in some cases but not in all.  The laws are thus separated down a fine line that is subject to the facts at hand.

When discussing the use of deadly force by those that follow the law and citizens that carry concealed, it is assumed that this is done so based on the belief that the handgun in question is used as a defensive weapon.   There are certainly guns and weaponry that cannot be considered as anything but offensive weapons!  But that is not what this article is about.

If the imminent danger of bodily harm to you or your family can be proven, then the likelihood that you would be prosecuted for shooting someone becomes unlikely.  It is then a matter of knowing the facts and which laws apply or not.  Depending, you may find yourself in the space around concealed carry laws and end up on the right side of the law.

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