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Your Concealed Carry Dilemma

What happens when you can’t pull your gun fast enough? Have you thought about the different possibilities that can occur in a dangerous situation? It may not always go the way you think or the way they try to show on television.  Suddenly, you find yourself faced with your concealed carry dilemma: do you need a plan B or not?

It certainly is something to think about. Is carrying a concealed weapon enough? You want to be prepared so you’ve learned all you could about gun safety – you’ve practiced at the gun range and educated yourself about the best methods of gun use etc. But you may find yourself in a situation that is quickly going in a direction you never imagined.women - concealed carry self defense dilemmas

Experts seem to agree. Take a look at what Tim Schmidt, President of USConcealedCarry.com, has to say:

Having a gun with you is great, but sometimes it’s not enough.  Knowing how to defend yourself is a crucial component to staying alive.

You may not have time to draw your weapon, or you may draw your weapon and shoot your attacker, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over.  What if the attacker doesn’t go down? Are you ready to defend yourself?(Read more about concealed carry here)

Now, for Tim, the answer was getting his black belt in Taekwondo but any class in self-defense is probably a good plan. It is always an excellent idea to have your bases covered and at least have some idea of what to do in case your scenario does not go exactly like you think. It may also help you in reacting to being attacked by giving you information about different defensive moves you can make.

Educating yourself on street fighting or self-defense might not be your first choice, but Tim does share a training tip in the above article that you should at least think about. Defending yourself and your family is probably why you carry a weapon in the first place, so you may not have a concealed carry dilemma at all and you may just be wondering where to get the information!  Check out the link above to read the entire article and get your plan B in place.

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