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Concealed Weapons Permit Holders Defy Pigeon Hole

Despite the horror stories the anti-gun quarters tell, a concealed weapons permit holder is more likely to be a law abiding citizen, and someone who stays out of trouble in the future, than the average citizen. While they may also tend to be of a higher economic level than the average American, other than that, people who conceal and carry guns defy being pigeon holed.concealed weapons permit

More and more women are getting guns and a concealed weapons permit. They may have been victims of violence in the past, or they may have friends who have been, but they have to protect themselves rather than continue to be a potential victim.

People of all shapes and sizes are getting guns. While many are quite physically fit and active, other concealed weapons permit holders are in wheelchairs. Guns have long been felt to even the odds when it comes to defending oneself against a younger, stronger aggressor.

Many people are afraid that people with a concealed weapons permit will be young and violent. Actually, gun owners come in all age brackets. It is estimated that slightly less half the concealed weapons permit holders have not yet hit 50 years of age. More than half of the permits then go to people who are in their fifties and beyond. From senior citizens on the one end of the spectrum, to college students and in some states people as young as 16 on the other end, a concealed carry license can be found in any age group.

A concealed weapons permit holder may live in rural parts of the country, or the inner city, and many live in upscale suburbia. At this time, there is only one state that does not allow citizens to conceal and carry weapons: Illinois. It is also forbidden to carry while in Washington, DC. Despite these limitations, it is easier for most citizens today to get a concealed carry license and to legally carry than it was just a decade ago.

In Vermont you can carry, but don’t expect to get a license to carry. You can’t get a concealed weapons permit, but only because the state does not even offer one.

Gun owners will be found in every state of the union. It is true that majority of concealed weapons permits are held by citizens of “Shall Issue” states. These 38 states grant a permit to any applicant as long as they meet a specific set of requirements that have been established. You might find fewer permit holders per capita in Alaska and Arizona even though they are considered “Shall Issue” states. That is because they do not require their citizens get a concealed weapons permit in order to carry a firearm. Different from Vermont, they do offer a permit so their citizens can take advantage of concealed carry reciprocity with other states.

Fortunately for citizens who want to conceal and carry guns there are fewer “May Issue” states these days. The process to get a concealed weapons permit in these ten states is less clear cut than in other states. In some cases, it is effectively impossible to get a concealed carry license unless you can prove you either need the permit for work, or that your life is in danger.

While it is typically believed that gun owners are conservative, there are also people who get a concealed weapons permit who would refer to themselves in other respects as a liberal.

The variety of people who are choosing to get a concealed weapons permit is good for the country, the economy, and the industry. There are more courses available that are tailored for women who choose to carry. Bags are available for people who want to conceal and carry guns off their body, either because they are in a wheelchair or because they don’t want to wear a traditional holster. Guns and holsters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any gun owner, and gun accessories are available to personalize your weapon, no matter your style.

Gun owners are everywhere. They may be your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends, and even your family members. There is no “typical” look for a person with a concealed weapons permit, they are found across the country and across the garden gate. That’s a good thing because one thing that is consistent is that where the concealed weapons permit numbers rise, violent crime rates drop!

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